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Transfer Booking API
provides all the needed calls (operations) to develop your booking funnel, confirm a booking and obtain the relevant information for the customer, can be divided in three main categories:

Transfer API can work with following codes types:

  • IATA : Airport standard (recommended).
  • ATLAS : HB custom hotel codes (recommended).
  • GPS : Latitude and longitude coordinates (description and complete address needed)
  • PORT : HB custom port codes
  • STATION : HB custom stations codes

In case you already have stored the HB Atlas codes you can use them, as they will be the same, if not you must obtain and cache the routes and content (optional) usingTransfers CACHEAPI, as it's designed to return all the static information and routes needed to operate the Transfers BookingAPI as quickly and simple as possible.

IMPORTANT: For those who have already implemented the shopping cart in previous versions of our API (XML2) you will see a big difference and this is that there is no shopping cart concept present today. The shopping cart shall be managed by you since the API does not have it.

We really recommend downloading the postman collection so you can easily test and see many examples, you can download the collection here transfer POSTMAN collection

Remenber that depending of the environment you want to use the hostname changes:

For TEST environment:


For LIVE environment: