Hotel Cache API

Cache API allows massive access to all our prices and availabilities providing a snapshot of a specific moment in time, so it can be used for package travel or to upload into third-party platforms.  In short, with Cache API you get Hotelbeds's portfolio in YOUR local system, using a cache solution.

We recommend the use of Cache API if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • You are integrated with price comparison websites or you manage massive traffic.
  • You publish your prices in any third party database
  • You send requests to Hotelbed's systems for preparing offers, mailing or packages.

Service Overview

The purpose of CacheAPI is to provide access to HotelBeds information on products, prices, and inventory. 
The system allows you to get the HotelBeds Databank information and you are able to:

  • Look up all our updated prices and inventory information at any time
  • Create dynamic packaging content
  • Create accurate offerings
  • Show an instant pre-calculated availability in your website
  • Supply your inventory cache


CacheAPI exports all the information in a single CSV file, compressed in .zip, with the structure defined in at File Specification chapter.  You can access this .zip file with HTTP GET requests to defined REST endpoints. This way you are able to request whenever you want. 

CacheAPI  is updated hourly, generating the new files or updating the files according to Hotelbeds data bank updates. 

Users can send HTTP Get requests at any time; however, new files will be delivered once generated by the system. 

Configuration parameters:

  • Credentials/apiKey and valid IP
  • External chains Available
  • Destination List
  • Hotels Included and Excluded
  • Classification Codes