Best practices


The Active Inventory II – Files Service has been designed in order to support multiple versions of the specification structures. The version you support will be configured in the HotelBeds client configuration.

In spite of the version management, it is very important that your process algorithm supports adding new fields or new structures

The new fields will be always added at the end of the line. 


New structures could be added at some part of the file:


Confirm the process

If you are using the update workflow, implementing the three operations [full, confirm and update] it is very important. The confirm operation should be sent as soon as the downloaded files have been processed successfully at your end. 

Bear in mind that after a confirmation operation the Active Inventory Service will only provide the files generated after the previous update and confirm operations. The confirm operation fixes the downloaded file version at Active Inventory Service, discarding files sent at the previous update operation. If discarded files are needed, a full operation may be necessary.

Implementing enumerated types

When you are implementing the process to read an enumerated type field you have to consider the possibility to get new values.

For example:

The field 22 in the Availability Output File corresponds to the enumerated type PACKAGING. The actual values could be: Y, N and B. Your process should be able to get another value Z without failing your complete process.