Frequently Asqued Questions

  1. What information do I get in the Full request operation?
    A .zip file with all the available contracts and inventory information for your account settings.
    The file structure is defined in the corresponding chapter

  2. What information do I get in the Update request operation?
    A .zip file with only the modified contracts since your last confirm version operation.
    For the internal inventory, the file content can have all the structure or only the inventory.
    - All the structures will be informed. The file name will end with _F
    For the External Inventory, you will get always the entire file with all the structures.

  3. If I did not confirm the version number, what will I get with a new update request?
    You will get the same information as the full request operation. You must confirm the downloaded version number in order to use the update workflow. Refer to workflows chapter.

  4. Why do I have to confirm the version?
    If you want to use the update workflow then you have to confirm the version. This has been designed to give you control of the process. If your process fails when processing the files, then you can send again the same update request and you will get the same .zip file. When you confirm the version, you confirm that your process has been done successfully.

  5. I have requested an update but I got the HTTP 204 code
    First of all, this is not an error. This is because we do not have more updated information since your last confirmed version. You have to send again an update request after a while in order to check if there is new information available.

  6. I have detected a price difference. What is wrong?
    First of all, confirm you are using the same environment in your integration and CacheAPI.
    Then request a full or update operation in order to ensure you have the last information available.
    If your process still has a price difference then you have to contact your Support Agent detailing the availability request and the Active Inventory-II file you are using.

  7. How do I know when the contract is no longer available?
    If you are using the update workflow and one or more contracts are no longer available since your last confirmation, the corresponding file Inventory-IIname will end with _C
    If you are using the full workflow only the available contracts will be provided.

  8. I sent a request with the X-Username and X-Password Or Api-Key but I got 451. What's wrong?
    Please, be sure you are setting the X-Username and X-Password request parameters. If true, then contact your Support Agent.