Additional information

This section specifies additional information not required for the availability and valuation process but is necessary to show to the final customer.


Defined rates in the contract are listed in CNTA structure with the rate code and description.

The order [CNTA.Order] is necessary to calculate the cancellation fees. Here an example: 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Rate 1

Rate 1

Rate 1

Rate 2

Rate 3

Rate 4

Rate 1

Let’s suppose that cancellation policies include the days 4 and 5 and the order (from [CNTA].Order) is the following: 

[CNTA].Order 1 -> RATE 3

[CNTA].Order 2 -> RATE 2 

That means that as booking period is between these 2 days, you should apply the cancellation policies for RATE 3 because it has the order 1 in [CNCF] and only it will apply this one. 

Firstly system will search for cancellation policies that have a rate specified in [CNCF].Rate, BUT if there is not any rate included in [CNCF].Rate, the cancellation policies will be applied without bearing in mind any rate. 

No Hotel

The no-hotel contract does not inform the hotel code. For these contracts there is a description of the available product informed in CNNH structure. The description content is informed in different languages [refer to Language Code List].


The promotions include offerings, promotion codes and facilities.

A promotion applies if the booking dates are included or excluded in the rule. Included if the CNPR.Is included is set to true and excluded if not.

Cancellation fees

The cancellation fees rules are informed in CNCF.

If exists a cancellation fee record for the rate code on the travel start date, then it has more priority than general cancellation fee.

[CNCF.Days] shows you the days before since the cancellation fee is valid.

[CNCF.Hours] informs you about the hour of the day since the cancellation fee is applicable.

The cancellation policy could have an amount or percentage for the entire service or only for the first night. Both values are cumulative.

The cancellation application start and end date must be valid.

There are two types of cancellation fees, informed in [CNCF.Type] field:

  • Per check in date [EN]
  • Per stay [ES]

The cancellation policy could have an amount or percentage for the entire service or only for the first night. Both types are cumulative for cancellation policies when the following points are fulfilled:

  1. There are cancellation policies that have [CNCF].Type=EN (per check in)
  2. There are cancellation policies that have [CNCF].Type=ES (per stay)
  3. Both cancellation policies can be applied for the same dates

Both types are cumulative. It means that if you have one record with type EN and other with type ES, both are valid.

The cancellation fee type EN must fill the travel start date.

The cancellation fee type ES is valid for all the days overlapping the travel stay.