APItude Hotel APIs

APItude is the fastest and lightest Hotel distribution API suite. APItude, the Hotelbeds Group API suite to develop your own travel website or mobile app with instant access to 250,000 hotels.

APItude Hotel API suite is designed to provide Hotelbeds Group clients with a set of API calls designed to bring the accommodation distribution capability of our company to your travel projects:

  • Build a hotel accommodation website or mobile app, feed by APItude.
  • Integrate accommodation products into existing systems both internal and external.
  • Integrate accommodation content into a common CMS for all the products being distributed.

The Hotelbeds APItude Hotels suite is comprised of three APIs:

  • Hotel Booking API: Search, book and manage bookings with ease.
  • Hotel Content API: Get detailed information on our Hotel portfolio, including images, descriptions, categories, keywords, and such.
  • Hotel Cache API: Access to all our prices and availabilities in real-time in file format.

APItude Hotel is delivered via HTTPS POST, GET, PUT and DELETE requests. Request and response data can be in either XML or JSON (preferred) allowing you to easily build requests and parse responses in a standard way by using the tools included with most of the modern languages.

IMPORTANT: For those who have already implemented the shopping cart in previous versions of our API you will see a big difference and this is that there is no shopping cart concept present today. The shopping cart shall be managed by you since the API does not have it.

Since we would like to provide you with help and guidance on how to best use APItude Hotel we suggest you look at the different alternatives on how to use it towards better aligning to your booking funnel.

Use our postman collection to try our APIs now and familiarize with them take a look at our swagger API specification