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The booking list api call main purpose is to look for and retrieve a list of bookings that were done by the client. This operation is used by some clients to allow a search of bookings for their customers.

When performing the booking list the response will not include all the information that usually is returned in a booking detail response api call but a summary of it. Nevertheless you can always do a booking detail to obtain all information.

Note: Maximum request date range is of 31 days (one month).


GET{{language}} ?fromDate= {{fromDate}} &toDate= {{toDate}} &dateType= {{dateType}} &offset= {{offset}} &limit= {{limit}}

Request parameters :

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
language String Y Response language.
fromDate Date Y

Date from.

toDate Date Y

Date to.

dateType String Y

Filter Type

offset String N

It's the position in the dataset of a particular record. By specifying offset, you retrieve a subset of records starting with the offset value.

limit String N

Allows you to set the number of objects returned in one page.

Request example:

GET &limit= 100

Response parameters :




RS Element Top level
RS/bookings Array of booking elements List of bookings.
RS/bookings/booking Element Booking information
RS/bookings/booking/reference String

Booking reference. Format: XXX-XXXXXX

RS/bookings/booking/creationDate Date Booking creation date.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Booking status.

RS/bookings/booking/modificationsPolicies Element Information regarding the allowed modifications to the booking
RS/bookings/booking/modificationsPolicies/cancellation Boolean Indicates if the booking can be cancelled
RS/bookings/booking/modificationsPolicies/modification Boolean Indicates if the booking can be modified
RS/bookings/booking/holder Element Booking lead passenger/holder information
RS/bookings/booking/holder/name String First name of the lead passenger
RS/bookings/booking/holder/surname String Last name of the lead passenger
RS/bookings/booking/holder/email String Lead passenger contact email
RS/bookings/booking/holder/phone String Lead passenger contact phone number
RS/bookings/booking/transfers Array of transfer elements List of reserved transfer services
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer Element Information of one reserved transfer service
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/status String

Transfer service status.

RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/transferType String

Transfer type. Possible values:

RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/vehicle Element Information of the vehicle
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/vehicle/code String Vehicle code id
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/category Element Service category information
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/category/code String Category code
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation Element Information regarding the pickUp locations
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/from Element Information regarding the pickUp origin location
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/from/code String Code of the pickUp origin location
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/from/type String

PickUp origin location code type. Possible values:

  • IATA
  • PORT
  • GPS
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/to Element Information regarding the pickUp destination location
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/to/code String Code of the pickUp destination location
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/to/type String

PickUp destination location code type. Possible values:

  • IATA
  • PORT
  • GPS
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/date String Pickup date
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/pickupInformation/time String Pickup time
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/price Element Price information of the transfer service
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/price/totalAmount Double Total amount of the booking
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/price/netAmount Double Net amount of the booking
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/price/currencyId String Currency
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/cancellationPolicies Array of cancellationPolicy elements List of cancellation policies applied to the transfer service
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy Element Information of the cancellation policy
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy/amount Double Amount to be charged in case booking is cancelled after the date specified in the '@from' field.
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy/from String Date from which the amount will be charged, format ISO 8601 (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ)
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/links Array of link elements Information on the navigation links available from the current operation
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/links/link Element Link information
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/links/link/rel String Specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document/resource
RS/bookings/booking/transfers/transfer/links/link/href String Specifies the path of the resource the link goes to
RS//booking/transfers/transfer/links/link/method String HTTP method