Use of images

The images of the hotels provided by Hotelbeds in the /hotels and /hoteldetails operations are available in 7 different sizes, but they are not returned with their full path, just the final part of the path and the name of the image file.

In order to get the images in their different sizes for your system to show them to the clients you will need to add the image path retrieved from said operations to the following base URL for the different sized images:

The different paths for the different sizes are:

  • + {path} For 320 pixel-wide images (standard size)
  • + {path} For 74 pixel-wide images (thumbnail size)
  • + {path} For 117 pixel-wide images
  • + {path} For 800 pixel-wide images
  • + {path} For 1024 pixel-wide images
  • + {path} For 2048 pixel-wide images
  • + {path} For images in its original size (please note that this is not a standard and actual size may vary between hotels)

Please note that some hotels may not have available XL and XXL sized images.