Glossary of terms

The following terms are used along the document to describe how the operations and API calls work:

  • Rate: A rate is a price for a given combination of room type plus board type plus passenger distribution. 
  • Ratekey: A unique identifier of a product available for a given rate and a set of dates that enables a client to confirm a booking by providing some additional information.
  • Offer: Price reduction under certain conditions (example: 'Early booking discount', 'long stay discount',  'children discount'... ).
  • Discount: Details on the offer (it's value, it's amount...) 
  • Supplement: Increment on the rate price due different services included (example: 'Extra bed').
  • Promotion: Service added to the accommodation as an added value (example: 'Free entrance to spa').
  • Holder: One of the customers staying in the hotels who is responsable of the group. 
  • Pax: Person who stays in the hotel.
  • Cancellation Policies: Represent the combination between the moment when the cancellation fees begin to apply and their value. The moment when the cancellation begins to apply is indicated with the date and hour of the local destination. Any accommodation product will have a minimum of one deadline but in some cases you can have more than one line of cancellation fees.
  • Package: A package can be considered as a service that apart from the accommodation includes and additional service as well. Through our API, you can identify these offers because the rateClass value returned will equal to "PAQ", in addition, you will get a description of the package in the <promotions> node
  • NRF: A non-refundable rate is a rate that once is confirmed in our system, in the event of a cancellation, 100% of the booking amount will be charged. Through our API, you can identify these rates by the rateClass value, the non-refundable rates will have it set to "NRF". In addition, you will receive the following promotion code, where it is detailed that the offer is non-refundable.
  • SellingRate: This is the recommended price, that is, the price that the hotelier / hotel chain wants its available room/ s to be sold at. In case you need more information about the recommended prices, please contact your key account owner at the sales team.
  • Liberate: Liberate is the pay at hotel model, using it we can give the possibility to a final customer to pay the booking directly at the hotel. This model is comissionable, and through our API you will get information about what currency the hotelier will accept the booking payment in, the net amount of the rate price, the sellingRate (final rate price) and the % comission included in the selling rate.
  • Opaque: Product available to be sold along with an additional service. The advantage of the opaque / packaging product is to get a rate key with a discounted price, so you can create attractive packages to your customers. The offers meant for packaging are flagged in the availability response. You will need to take into account the packaging attribute, if the value is set to true, that would mean that the rate can be sold along with an additional service / product.