Voucher Generation

There is no specific request in order to generate the voucher, as a part of APITUDE for Activities documentation to help understanding how and when to build a voucher including barcodes, specific images or any other requirement needed to build a voucher that enables the final customer to enjoy an activity.

In most of the cases you’ll be generating the voucher with you custom template using the provided data at confirmation response, but some cases will return a “voucher array”, for those cases, you don’t need to generate any and instead provide one of the URL returned in the array.

In case at confirmation response the voucher array URL is not null, it is mandatory to provide one of the returned HB generated voucher.

For those cases, generating your own and providing to final customers will cause operational issues as if we return a voucher URL is because it has an specific provider information such as QR, barcode or any other custom provider identification method.

The following table explains when it’s possible to build your own voucher and when you must deliver the HB generated voucher to your final customer:


Provide one of the PDF in voucher array

Generate your own

Voucher array is NOT null (PDF + Html returned)



Voucher array is null/not present



Mandatory data for generated vouchers:

-Reference number | Found in “”

-Full name of the excursion or ticket | “[x].name”

-Modality name | “[x]”

-Date in which the booking was confirmed | “”

-Lead pax name | “BOOKINGCreate.holder”

-From and to for the excursion or ticket | FROM -> “[x].dateFrom” TO -> “[x].dateTo”

-Pax distribution | “[x].paxes”

-Children ages | (if ([x].paxes[X].paxType) < 18 ) must show “[x].paxes[x].age”

-Destination (of confirmed activity) | “[x][x].name”

-Remarks | “[x].comments[x].text” (TYPE ="CONTRACT_REMARKS")

-Provider | “[x].providerInformation”

-Bookable and payable | “[x].supplier” Bookable and payable thru “[x]” with VAT “[x].supplier.vatNumber”

See visual example: