Use of Rate Comments

The rate comments (also called contract comments) are provided by hoteliers and must be displayed to the customer before confirming a booking.

Where is the Rate comment returned

The availability response returns a rate comment ID; while a description is returned in the other steps of the booking process.

In the availability response it is possible that certain rates have a comment associated that the hotelier wants to disclose to the final passenger before they book.

Examples of rate comments are: "Minimum age of registration 21 Years Old"; "The Key for the apartment needs to be collected at 522 Main Street”, etc.

These rate comments are returned in the Availability Response and are identified with a code, for example in the XML response will be returned like this: rateCommentsId="1|92088|3"

In order to obtain the description of the rate comments you have two options:

  1. Online Solution: using the rateCommentDetails operation:

    You will need the rateCommentsId and the check-in date used in the Availability Request. This solution is to be used once the hotel and room are selected, as you can't send a rateCommentDetails per each rateCommentId returned in the Availability Response.

  2. Offline Solution: using the rateComments operation:

    You can download all the rate comments of all the hotels that we have in the system.

    In order to identify which description to show to your client first you will need to split the rateCommentsId in three parts (they have the character "|" as division).

    The first part corresponds to the Incoming field of the rateComments operation, the second part corresponds to the internal code of the rate and the third part corresponds to the rate to which the comment is applied.

    Once you have determined which rate comments are applied for the rateCommentsId you will have to use the check-in date to determine (using the dateStart and dateEnd) which specific rateComment you will use.


    rateCommentsID = "1|92088|3"

    Incoming: 1

    Internal rateCode: 92088

    Rate: 2

    Check in date: 13th October 2016

    In APItude CONTENT we could have:
Incoming Code Rates Date Start Date End Description
1 92088 1,2 1st May 2016 1st Sep 2016 "Minimum age of registration 19"
1 92088 3 1st May 2016 1st Sep 2016 "Minimum age of registration 21"
1 92088 1,2,3 2nd Sep 2016 1st Dec 2016 "Minimum age of registration 21"

Reviewing the incoming, the code and the rates, we could have 2 possibilities, "Minimum age of registration 21" and "Minimum age of registration 19", but as the check in date is 13th October 2016 the rateComment to display is "Minimum age of registration 21".

NOTE: In the case that you find more than one description applicable to the check in date then you would have to concatenate each rate comment and show it to the final passenger.