Getting Started with APItude

There are three simple steps before starting development with APItude: register to get your API Key and Secret, configure your Authentication and begin testing.

1. Register for an API Key

Register today with our extremely simple registration process to get an ID and API Keys for our three API suites and gain access to our evaluation environment! In only a few clicks you will be able to get your API Key for testing purposes. The API key is required to launch every request of our API.


2. Find your credentials & configure your authentication

Once registered you will already have all you need to do your first request to our APIs, as you will be provided of a set of three API Keys, one for each of our API suites: Hotel, Activities, and Transfers. Check them at your personal dashboard.


To authenticate, you must send both the API Key and the X-Signature, a SHA256 hash in Hex format calculated from your API key, your secret plus current timestamps in seconds:

curl -i \
-X GET \
-H 'Accept:application/json' \
-H 'Api-key:'$apiKey'' \
-H 'X-Signature:'$(echo -n ${apiKey}${secret}$(date +%s)|sha256sum|awk '{ print $1}')'' \

3. Begin testing your requests

Once you have received your credentials and have configured your authentication, you can start making requests against our test endpoint, The servers behind this endpoint are identical to our production servers, but any booking requests made against them will not result in actual property reservations or credit card charges, so you can test all you want. For your first request you can use our Swagger specification or our postman collections:

  • BookingAPI
  • ContentAPI

When using Postman, remember that you will need to edit the environment and change the {{Api-key}} and {{secret}} variable values with your API key and Secret. Our Postman collection features a script that calculates the X-Signature, so you don't need to worry for this.

NOTE: Please note that the API keys provided with registration will only give you access to our evaluation environment, with a limited allowed quota of 50 requests per day. If the quota is exceeded you will receive a 403 error. To improve the quota we suggest to progress through your profile progression section in your personal dashboard to upgrade to our certification environment for better quotas.