APItude Activities APIs

APItude also includes now the ability to book activities. This API suite will provide you with availability for tickets and excursions and allow you to distribute those not only through the websites but also is thought to support mobile and tablets.

APItude for Activities API suite is designed to provide Hotelbeds Group clients with a set of API calls to:

  • Enable the construction or creation of a complete activities website or mobile application (app)
  • Integrate activities products into existing systems both internal and external.
  • Integrate activities contents for activities into a common CMS for all the products being distributed.

The API is divided into the following sections:

  • Activities Booking API: provides all the needed calls (operations) to develop your booking funnel, confirm a booking and obtain the relevant information for a customer to enjoy the activity that he or she bought (in essence the booking number and voucher with all relevant information).
  • Activities Contents API: content is crucial today in order to better showcase the product but also to ensure that no doubts are generated in the booking process and that a final consumer gets inspire of what he or she will be doing. This content is retrieved in this API. This API will also provide you with all the detailed information of a product and you will be able to store it in a CMS or using it directly in your distribution channel (i.e. mobile).
  • Activities Cache API: allows you to access all the Activities prices and availabilities in file format.

APItude for Activities is delivered via HTTP(s) POST and GET requests. Request and response data can be in either XML or JSON (preferred) allowing you to easily build requests and parse responses in a standard way by using the tools included with most of the modern languages.

IMPORTANT: For those who have already implemented the shopping cart in previous versions of our API you will see a big difference and this is that there is no shopping cart concept present today. The shopping cart shall be managed by you since the API does not have it.

Since we would like to provide you with help and guidance on how to best use the APItude for activities we suggest you look at the different alternatives on how to use it towards better aligning to your booking funnel. Go here (Alternatives to use the API LINK) for more information.

We have been working towards making the complete process of integration easier and smoother. For that, we have created a set of tools that we offer to you during the complete life cycle of the implementation. These are the tools available for you at no cost!

  • The complete set of certification specifications which are online and available at any time, from anywhere
  • Examples for you to understand how a booking funnel should look like.
  • An ApiKey needed to authenticate to our API.
  • Our expert team not only in the integrations process but also in the activities product.
  • FAQ: Will help with most common doubts and will be dynamically updated.

We are also working on different versions of SDK that will be delivered progressively and that will be open source.