Tax Breakdown

For clients interested in receiving the full info of pricing taxes, the option of activating the tax breakdown exists. This should be requested to our support team in order to appear in the APItude responses you receive, and will modify the responses content accordingly, with the new tax nodes included in the rate node in all of the APItude responses that show rates.


The included taxes are charges related to the rate. Things such as mandatory supplements can appear here. Bear in mind that these taxes are already included in the rate prices APItude returns, so you must not add them to the final price.

<taxes allIncluded="true"> <tax included="true" amount="0.00" currency="USD" type="TAXESANDFEES" clientAmount="0.00" clientCurrency="EUR"/> </taxes>


Not included taxes are charges not related to the rate. To be paid usually at arrival in the hotel, things like city fees or ecotaxes will be included here. As they are unrelated to the rate, we do not advise to add this taxes to the price APItude returns, but nonetheless should be shown to the final client..

<taxes allIncluded="false"> <tax included="false" percent="0.00" amount="0.00" currency="USD" type="TAX" clientAmount="0.00" clientCurrency="EUR"/> </taxes>


Is not unusual for room rates to have both included and not included taxes at the same time. In those cases only the included taxes will be already included to the net price, so you will have to inform about the not included taxes.

<taxes allIncluded="false"> <tax included="false" percent="0.00" amount="0.00" currency="EUR" type="TAX"/><tax included="true" amount="0.00" currency="EUR" type="TAXESANDFEES"/> </taxes>

This structure is applied inside the rate node that can be find in the different responses of APItude, such as Availability, CheckRates or Booking.

Please remember that in order to determine the taxes that apply over the final price you must check the “allIncluded” field to know if the taxes must be added to the final price or not. Currently we do not support the name or description of the taxes.