Booking Flow

We love simple and this is what is being delivered on APITUDE for activities. Each client has a different booking funnel and different needs and is our aim to cover them all and exceed expectations with our new API.

This is why we have thought about different booking funnels so that we can provide you some initial thoughts and ideas as well as link those to APITUDE for activities.

We really recommend downloading the postman collection so you can easily test and see many examples, you can download the collection here.

Possible booking funnel could be:

Typical recommended flow could be:

  1. It is initially starting with search or availability
  2. Then detail information being taken of a particular poduct.
  3. Then confirmation.

Typical flow with cached data :

  1. Display activity content and operational dates from cached data from cache API.
  2. Then detail information being taken of a particular poduct.
  3. Then confirmation.
If you are planning to cache data please read build cache recommendations.

Another example, with two steps request would be :

  1. It is initially starting with availability.
  2. Then confirmation.

A booking funnel considering the payment

Payment Platform: Although this step is NOT PROVIDED for Activities, the APITUDE offers two step confirmation, locking availability until customers pays with any custom payment solution or your choice.

See a booking funnel in which there is a payment to collect money from the end client. you must use two calls:

  1. Preconfirm

  2. Reconfirm

The reason is that that way will be holding the allotment or tickets until the confirmation has gone through correctly at the reconfirming. In the event of using only that the confirm call, you will be already confirming the booking regardless of the payment being successful or not. The following diagram summarizes this:

The difference between the previous example and this one is the use of two calls rather than the confirmation call. In this example:

Preconfirm: The booking is pre-confirmed and the allotment is locked. 

  • You will have 30 minutes to complete the booking and reconfirm. 
  • Otherwise the session will expire and the product will not be able to be confirmed with the same preconfirmation done. 
  • You will need to do another preconfirmation before using the reconfirm call.


  • When you are done with the payment, you can confirm the booking by using the reconfirm API call. 
  • The response and behavior is the same that the confirm operation.