Disney Packages

1. Introduction

This document provides a comprehensive guide for clients integrating with our Accommodation API to book Disney resort packages. It covers the various product types available, how to identify them, and the specific information returned by the API for each type.

2.1 Hotel Only

  • Hotel codes are consistent with the accommodation Booking API.
  • A single code is used for both hotel-only and hotel package bookings.

2.2 Hotel + Ticket

  • Ticket information is available at the rate level in the promotions node.
  • Promotion codes identify specific package components included in a rate.

Promotion Codes

  • Location:[0].rooms[0].rates[0].promotions
  • Example:
"promotions": [
    "code": "2008",
    "name": "Package Hotel + Theme park",
    "remark": "Includes accommodation and board selected per person & per night and tickets to both Disneyland® Paris and Walt Disney® Studios parks per person & per day including both check-in and check-out days."
  • Ticket details are specified in the promotion remarks.
  • All promotion codes are available in our ContentAPI. Please update your records at least once every 15 days.

2.3 Hotel Meal Plans

  • Meal plans are identified by boardCode and boardName at the rate level.
  • Location:
  • Example:
"boardCode": "DPP",
"boardName": "Disney Dining Plan Plus"
  • All meal plan codes are available in our ContentAPI Boards. Please update your records at least once every 15 days.

2.4 Hotel + Ticket + Meal Plan

  • This type combines promotion codes and board codes.
  • Both must be displayed in the availability results for clients to select the specific rate.
  • Example:
  "boardCode": "QS",
  "boardName": "Disney Quick Service Dining Plan",
  "promotions": [
      "code": "2050",
      "name": "Disney Hotel + Ticket + Quick Service Dining Plan Package",
      "remark": "Includes 7 Day Theme Park Base Ticket"

3. Wildcards

Wildcards provide additional room information and must be shown to clients.

  • Wildcard information replaces standard room descriptions in the Availability response.
  • Location:[0].rooms[0].name
  • Example::
"rooms": [
    "code": "FAM.B2-1",
    "name": "Pioneer Tribe Cabin"

  • Detailed wildcard information is available in the ContentAPI for each hotel.
  • Location in ContentAPI: hotels[0].wildcards
  • Example:
"wildcards": [
    "roomType": "FAM.B2-1",
    "roomCode": "FAM",
    "characteristicCode": "B2-1",
    "hotelRoomDescription": {
      "content": "Pioneer Tribe Cabin"

4. Best Practices

  1. Regularly update your records with the latest promotion and meal plan codes from our ContentAPI (at least every 15 days).
  2. Always display both promotion and board code information for Hotel + Ticket + Meal Plan packages.
  3. Implement wildcard functionality to provide accurate and up-to-date room descriptions.
  4. Consult with your Key Account Manager (KAM) to confirm if you have the wildcard feature activated.

5. Support

For any questions or clarifications about our Disney Accommodation API, please contact our support team at

We are committed to ensuring a smooth integration process and are here to assist you with any queries you may have.