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The following are the details to call the contents API: 

There are two different ways to retrieve contents factsheets: one by one or by providing a set of service codes and getting all the contents information for the given codes. That’s what is called “Simple” and “Multi” API calls:

  • Simple: Returns a single contents factsheet by service code and, optionally, modality by performing a GET call.
  • Multi: Returns a set of contents factsheet by a given set of service codes and, optionally, modalities  by performing a POST call. 

Both API calls return the same response (see that the root attribute is an array: "activitiesContent": []). The following is the specification for both requests and for the response

Content Simple Request

The contents simple API call is a GET operation. The following is an example:

In the example above, the parameters in the query string have the following meaning:

  • en: Language code. See here for a list of available language codes
  • E-E10-000200515: Activity code. Service codes can be retrieved from the search operation results
  • 8: Modality code. Modality codes are also returned by the Search operation.

The API call shown in the example above will return the contents factsheet for the service E-E10-000200515 and the modality 8.


GET {{language}} / {{serviceCode}} / {{modalityCode}}




Language in which the contents factsheet will be returned.

See here for language replacement rules.


The code that identify a particular activity or service. This code is the one that is assigned to a content factsheet. See search api call or detail api call for details on how to obtain an activity code.


Optionally, a modality code can be provided to get the specific details of a factsheet for a modality. See response for more details regarding how the services and modalities are linked to a contents factsheet.

Content Multi Request

The multi API call retrieves a set of content factsheets by a set of service codes and (optionally) modalities.

The following is a JSON example to be sent in a POST method to the call:

	"language": "en",
	"codes": [{
			"activityCode": "E-E10-ACUARIOBCN"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-CN1-A9CKNO0003"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-U10-A9CKNO0004"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-CN1-HK-ABERDW"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-E10-HKCENTRA"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-U02-HK-HK360"
		}, {
			"activityCode": "E-CN1-HK-HKAFTER"




Language in which the contents are being requested.


Service and modality codes


Service code of the activity whose contents are being requested.


Optional list of modality codes for the service if specific modality contents are requested.

See response estructure in content by opertation data or API Reference