Getting Started

Get Started

we love simple

And this is why our documentation is open and anyone can put APItude to the test.

We don't have previous requirements to register and to start testing the functionalities of APItude.
Check it out and, if you are engaged in developing a project on online hotel distribution, we would love to start making great things together!

Evaluate and test in Sandbox

Our documentation is openly available, feel free to browse it.
If you would like to get on APItude, we have an open registration to get a test Key.

What you get

  • Open access to APItude documentation
  • Access to Evaluation Plan and a generic Key (without specific pricing or commission rules)
    • 2 request per second
    • 50 requests per day
  • Access to Sandbox

What you start doing

  • Read the documentation
  • Start testing in sandbox
  • Evalute BookingAPI and ContentAPI (CacheAPI cannot be evaluated)



Receive personalized advice and sign an agreement

Are you ready to move forward? Get in touch and one of our business partners will help you choose the customisation (pricing type, products, add-ons and other opportunities) that best suit your needs.

What you get

  • Expert advice from our sales team

What you start doing

  • Elaborate the solution you're going to develop



Develop in pre-production with official support

We will join forces to make your development process as straigh forward as possible.
You'll receive official support from our technology experts. They've got the expertise of years innovating in online accommodation distribution; you couldn't be in greater hands.

What you get

  • Access to Development Plan and your particular pre-production Key
    • 3 requests per second
    • 10.000 requests per day for ContentAPI
    • 50.000 requests per day for BookingAPI
  • Everything configured according to your business needs
  • Official support from our technology experts

What you start doing

  • Develop your project

What you must not do

  • Do not generate mappings (this is a test environment!).

Get certified by Hotelbeds

Finished with development and getting ready for the final tweaks? We'll work together to validate how you implemented APItude in your website or app as well as the rules and requests you are using.

What you get

  • Access to our certification Plan

What you start doing

Start making real business

Our mission is to set your project online and to start delivering to your customers.
All our performance potential will be put at your disposal and all our global hotel partners will be at your reach. At this stage all bookings and payments will be effective.

What you get

  • Access to Production Plan with 100% performance
    • 4 requests per second
    • Unlimited requests per day
  • Access to actual hotels with real availability and prices
  • Continuous support from our technology experts

What you start doing

  • Generating real bookings and making business