DateTime rules and pickup times

How times must be requested

  1. Origin airport (or train station) - destination hotel / port / train station /airport> flight arrival time (train) always, we DO NOT calculate Pick up time, we return the one informed by you as arrival time.
  2. Origin hotel - destination airport (or train station)> we calculate it, we (or the provider afterwards especially in shared) depending on the flight departure time (train), is NOT the time desired by the client.
  3. Origin hotel - destination port> IS the time desired by the client, not the time of departure of the ship and we DO NOT calculate the pick up, because for the Cruises boarding takes several hours, the customer can choose when he wants to go.
  4. Origin port - destination hotel / port / train station / airport> IS the time desired by the client, not arrival of the ship (cruise), We do not calculate pick-up since, just like boarding, disembarkation lasts several hours, the client can choose to get off before or after.
  5. Hotel origin - hotel destination> IS the time desired by the client, we DO NOT DO pick up calculation


Usually the pickup time will be returned in the availability, in case that the time is null, you must check if “mustCheckPickupTime” is true, if so, you must show the final client the “checkPickup” information, before he confirms, saying they must check the website before x hours of the service date in order to see the confirmed pickup time

Note, in some cases (just a few) the time is null, the “mustCheckPickupTime” is false and in the “transferRemarks” it will say how the time must be confirmed, could be calling a phone number, or the provider will contact the client hotel in order to confirm the time for.

IF(services[x].pickupInformation.time = null) { IF(services[x].pickupInformation.pickup.checkPickup.mustCheckPickupTime = true) { Display “The pickup time will be provided in ...pickupInformation.pickup.checkPickup.url @ value” “…pickupInformation.pickup.checkPickup.hoursBeforeConsulting @ value” hours before the departure. For example “The pickup time will be provided in https: // 36 hours before the departure. } }

Remember that in case of returning “mustCheckPickupTime = true” the website information must be shown in the voucher, also, the transfer remarks always need to be also shown, before confirmation and must be present in the voucher.