Add Service

Add Service

To add a Service to a CONFIRMED booking, we need the following information

  • Booking reference number.
  • rateKey returned from a Details API call for the intended service.

So, adding a service to a booking implies:

  • A Booking Detail has been performed.
  • A Details api call has been performed, and the intended service is available. 

Then you are ready to call the add operation to add the obtained rateKey, session, language, etc to the existing booking reference. See specs below for more details.


Live URL:{{language}}/{{reference}}

Test URL:{{language}}/{{reference}}

Method: POST 

The booking number is passed as a parameter in the URL (see specification above) and the POST body contains an object with the new activity to be added.

The following is a modification request example:


  "clientReference": "Exp 233433/2016",
  "agencyComments": "Added an excursion",
      "rateKey": "686qcgb02e74gq2v1u4bipk7i5",
      "from": "2016-07-07",
      "to": "2016-07-07",
      "paxes": [
            {"age": 30},
            {"age": 30}

The serviceToAdd node contains the details of the activity being added. See the Confirm API call to understand all the fields that can be included in the “serviceToAdd” under the “Activity” path.

Some of them are:

  • rateKey, session and language (the last two, if they were provided in the detail api call)
  • Activity dates from and to
  • Paxes list
  • Questions+Answers, if needed

The URL in the example contains the language in which the response will be returned (see booking detail response [LINK]) and the existing booking reference to add the new activity to.