This method is used to obtain a CURRENCIES portfolio.

Currencies Request


GET {{FIELDS}} &language= {{LANG}} &codes= {{CODES}} &offset= {{OFFSET}} &limit= {{LIMIT}}
TIMEOUT: 60 seconds


Request parameters

Name Type Description
fields String comma separated list of response fields to return (mandatory)
language String ISO 639-1 (2 digit) Language code (mandatory)
codes String comma separated list of ISO 4217 (3 digit) currency codes (optional)
offset int it's the position in the dataset of a particular record. By specifying offset, you retrieve a subset of records starting with the offset value (optional)
limit int allows you to set the number of objects returned in one page (optional)

Request Example,USD,GBP


Currencies Response

The response of Currencies provides key information of the accepted currencies

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
code String ISO 4217 (2 digit) currency code
name String currency name

Response JSON Example

        "code": "EUR",
        "name": "Euro"
        "code": "GBP",
        "name": "United Kingdom Pound"
        "code": "USD",
        "name": "US Dollar"

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