Submit Feedback

The Submit Feedback operation is the FeedbackAPI operation for reporting rate information and bind it with your own data. With this operation you will be able to store information of rate such as price, currency, name of the provider, room and board names, and bind it to a rate through its rateKey.

Once sent, the response will confirm that the information was stored succesfully. Then you can retrieve it through the Get Feedback operation.

SubmitFeedback Request

TIMEOUT: 60 seconds


Request parameters

Node/Attribute Type Mandatory Description
feedbackRQ Element Y Request Body
feedbackRQ/@rateKey String Y Stores the rateKey
feedbackRQ/@price Double Y Stores the price
feedbackRQ/@provider String N Stores the provider name
feedbackRQ/@currency String Y Stores the currency
feedbackRQ/@room String Y Stores the room name
feedbackRQ/@board String Y Stores the board name

XML request example

<feedbackRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
	<board>BED AND BREAKFAST</board>

JSON request example

	"price": 659.55,
	"currency": "USD",
	"provider": "",
	"room": "DOUBLE",
	"board": "BED AND BREAKFAST",
	"rateKey": "20171226|20171228|W|1|1533|DBT.ST|NRF-MERCHANT|RO||1~2~0||N@64DAEFB48AAC4D99BB885E99FFDD38651029"


SubmitFeedback Response

Response parameters

Node/Attribute Type Mandatory Description
feedbackRS Element Response Body
feedbackRS/auditData Element Relevant internal information
feedbackRS/auditData/@processTime Float Server process time in milliseconds
feedbackRS/auditData/@timestamp Date Date/time when the requests have been processed
feedbackRS/auditData/@requestHost String IP address of the system host
feedbackRS/auditData/@serverId String Server code or ID (for internal use)
feedbackRS/auditData/@environment String Environment where the request has been sent and processed
feedbackRS/auditData/@release String Release version identifier
feedbackRS/auditData/@token String identifier of the operation
feedbackRS/auditData/@internal String Internal identifier of the parameters of the operation
feedbackRS/@status Boolean Indicates if the item was successfully stored

XML response example

<feedbackRS xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
		timestamp="2017-11-06 17:52:27.922" 

JSON response example

	"auditData": {
		"processTime": 110,
		"timestamp": "2017-11-06 17:52:35.444",
		"requestHost": "",
		"serverId": "ip-10-185-46-109.node.testaws.discovery",
		"environment": "[testaws]",
		"token": "B15FDC1666AF4915990359DC09D7F8FA",
		"internal": "hhepbmvpmz3ammrmtycewnwf"
	"status": true


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