Get Feedback

The Get Feedback operation is the FeedbackAPI operation for retrieving information submitted with the Submit Feedback operation. It returns the identifying properties of stored rates such as type, last updated time, passenger distribution, checkIn and checkOut dates, prices, provider, room and board characteristics together with the reported info: provider name, price, currency, room and board names.

The Get Feedback operation is a GET method, through the parameters you can filter reservations for a wide range of criteria.

GetFeedback Request


TIMEOUT: 60 seconds


Request parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
from Date N Date filter start
to Date N Date filter end
id Integer N Specify ID
type String N Specify type
lastUpdate String N Specify last update
ttoo Integer N Specify ttoo
branch Integer N Specify branch
interfaceCode String N Specify interfaceCode
rooms Integer N Specify number of rooms
adults Integer N Specify number of adults
childrens Integer N Specify number of children
childrenAges String N Specify children ages
checkIn String N Specify check in date YYYY-MM-DD
checkOut String N Specify check out date YYYY-MM-DD
hotelbeds.price String N Specify Hotelbeds price
hotelbeds.currency String N Specify Hotelbeds currency
hotelbeds.sourceMarket String N Specify Hotelbeds sourceMarket
hotelbeds.paymentType String N Specify Hotelbeds paymentType
hotelbeds.receptive Integer N Specify Hotelbeds receptive
hotelbeds.roomType String N Specify Hotelbeds roomType
hotelbeds.roomCharacteristic String N Specify Hotelbeds room characteristic
hotelbeds.board String N Specify Hotelbeds board
hotelbeds.contract String N Specify Hotelbeds contract
hotelbeds.rate String N Specify Hotelbeds rate
hotelbeds.packaging Boolean N Specify Hotelbeds packaging String N Specify provider name
provider.price String N Specify provider price
provider.currency String N Specify provider currency String N Specify provider room
provider.board String N Specify provider board

Request Example


GetFeedback Response

Response parameters

Node/Attribute Type Description
feedbackRS Element Body
feedbackRS/auditData Element Relevant internal information
feedbackRS/auditData/@processTime Float Server process time in milliseconds
feedbackRS/auditData/@timestamp Date Date/time when the requests have been processed
feedbackRS/auditData/@requestHost String IP address of the system host
feedbackRS/auditData/@serverId String Server code or ID (for internal use)
feedbackRS/auditData/@environment String Environment where the request has been sent and processed
feedbackRS/auditData/@release String Release version identifier
feedbackRS/auditData/@token String identifier of the operation
feedbackRS/auditData/@internal String Internal identifier of the parameters of the operation
feedbackRS/feedback Element Array of item elements
feedbackRS/feedback/item Element Information of the stored rate and its submitted data
feedbackRS/feedback/item/type String Type of price
feedbackRS/feedback/item/lastUpdate Datetime Date and time of the last update made to this item
feedbackRS/feedback/item/rooms Integer Number of reserved rooms
feedbackRS/feedback/item/adults Integer Number of adults passengers
feedbackRS/feedback/item/children Integer Number of children
feedbackRS/feedback/item/checkIn Date CheckIn date of the booking
feedbackRS/feedback/item/checkOut Date CheckOut date of the booking
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds Element Information of the rate
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/board String Internal board code
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/packaging Boolean Identifies if the rate is for packaging
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/paymentType String

Type of payment:



feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/price Double Rate price
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/roomCharacteristic String Room Characteristic code
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/roomType String Internal Room type code
feedbackRS/feedback/item/hotelbeds/sourceMarket String Hotelbeds Group client source market
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider Element Information submitted and linked with the rate
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider/name String Submitted provider name
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider/price Double Submitted price
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider/currency String Submitted currency
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider/room String Submitted room name
feedbackRS/feedback/item/provider/board String Submitted board name

XML response example

<feedbackRS xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
		timestamp="2017-11-06 17:48:11.905" 
				<board>BED AND BREAKFAST</board>

JSON response example

	"auditData": {
		"processTime": 11,
		"timestamp": "2017-11-06 17:50:15.212",
		"requestHost": "",
		"serverId": "ip-10-185-46-109.node.testaws.discovery",
		"environment": "[testaws]",
		"token": "99633CC68D13443F9327D0D5817FEBA9",
		"internal": "hhepbmvpmz3ammrmtycewnwf"
	"feedback": [{
		"lastUpdate": "2017-11-03T10:30:00.670067",
		"rooms": 1,
		"adults": 2,
		"childrens": 0,
		"checkIn": "2017-12-26",
		"checkOut": "2017-12-28",
		"hotelbeds": {
			"price": 116.84,
			"sourceMarket": "UK",
			"paymentType": "AT_WEB",
			"roomType": "DBT",
			"roomCharacteristic": "ST",
			"board": "RO",
			"packaging": false
		"provider": {
			"name": "bookings",
			"price": 659.55,
			"currency": "USD",
			"room": "DOUBLE",
			"board": "BED AND BREAKFAST"


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