FeedbackAPI is the latest APItude API,designed to let you track price differences in rates.


FeedbackAPI is designed to provide with a method to report data as feedback and associate it with a rateKey obtained from the BookingAPI, allowing to do things like track price differences in your bookings made through BookingAPI or the price increase in rates you are interested in.

FeedbackAPI methods

FeedbackAPI uses two different methods: one to send feedback, an another to retrieve information.

/Submit Feedback

The Submit Feedback operation is the FeedbackAPI operation for reporting rate information and bind it with your own data. With this operation you will be able to store information of rate such as price, currency, name of the provider, room and board names, and bind it to a rate through its rateKey.

/Get Feedback

The Get Feedback operation is the FeedbackAPI operation for retrieving information submitted with the Submit Feedback operation. It returns the identifying properties of stored rates such as type, last updated time, passenger distribution, checkIn and checkOut dates, prices, provider, room and board characteristics together with the reported info: provider name, price, currency, room and board names.

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