Hotels Request

This operation will bring up all the hotel's details in a JSON or XML.

The access to the contents will be possible using GET requests.

Operation path: /hotels


Parameter Type Description
fields String The list of fields to be received in the response. If nothing is specified, the hotelCode is returned. See below for the complete list. "All" returns all fields available.
codes String

Filter for a specific hotel or list of hotels.

destinationCode String

Filter to limit the results for an specific destination.

countryCode String Filter to limit the results for an specific country.
lastUpdateTime String

Specifying this parameter will limit the results to those modified or added after the date specified. The allowed format is YYYY-MM-DD

language String Language Code in which you want the descriptions to be returned. If not specifically indicated, English is the default language.
from String Number of the initial record to receive, if nothing is indicated 1 is the default value.
to String Number of the final record to receive, if nothing is indicated 100 is the default value.
useSecondaryLanguage String "True" if you want to receive the descriptions in English if the description is not available in the language requested.
"False" (default value) if you dont want to receive the description in English if the language requested is not available. 


name description countryCode destinationCode zoneCode coordinates categoryCode chainCode license
address postalCode
boardCodes facilities segmentCodes web terminals issues interestPoints wildcards

As mentioned, by using the "All" value in the fields parameter, you will receive all the available fields in the response.


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