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What is the recommended periocity to access the ContentAPI in order to get updated information?

To stay updated we recommend using each operation of the ContentAPI on daily basis using the lastUpdateTime parameter to get the differential changes and updates in the static information.

What's the function of the lastUpdateTime parameter?

The lastUpdateTime is a parameter (available in all ContentAPI operations) that allows you to get only the information that has changed or has been added since the date informed in that parameter. Use it to update the static data from APItude and avoid processing all the information you already have.

What's the function of the SecondaryLanguage parameter?

SecondaryLanguage is a parameter with boolean value that determines whether or not you'll receive the descriptions in English if the description is not available in the language requested.

The TEST environment is not working / not returning any results at availability.
Our TEST environment uptime percentage is 99%, but service shortages can happen from time to time because of multiple reasons like maintenance periods. If the problems persist please contact us.
I can't find some of the fields described in the documentation in the actual APItude responses.

Probably you are experiencing this in TEST environment. Our TEST environment is a copy of our LIVE environment, so when we release new features those are first released to our LIVE environment, and after some time those are released in our TEST environment.

If you are having this issue in LIVE environment, be aware that some fields are dependant of parameters in the requests or internal user configurations set up by our support team.

If this is not happening for any of the causes described above, contact us so we can look into it.

The path of the hotel pictures is incomplete, how I make this work?

The actual path of all our pictures share a common endpoint, which we omit to reduce the size of our API responses: http://photos.hotelbeds.com/giata/. In order to get the complete picture path you need to concatenate this with the path of each image.

For example, given a picture path like 19/192262/192262a_hb_p_001.jpg, you would need to concatenate the base endpoint http://photos.hotelbeds.com/giata/ and the path:


This is the basic image picture, with a 320px wide size. If you need more sizes, you can add the size (small|medium|bigger|xl|xxl) between the base endpoint and the picture path:


Please note that some hotels may not have available xl and xxl sized images.

If you need a picture on its original size you can use original to get it (http://photos.hotelbeds.com/giata/original/19/192262/192262a_hb_p_001.jpg), but remember that is not a standard sized image.

Does the hotels operation return the same information that hotels/details return but in list form?

Although the hotels operation returns all of the important static information regarding the hotels, hotel/details returns a few more details and there are certain differences between the response schemas of both.

Can I filter rooms per hotel code at the types/room operation?

Currently we do not offer a parameter to filter rooms by hotel code. Bear in mind that this operation is designed with the purpose of giving you information of all the room types offered on our hotel portfolio to be stored in your system so you can access it whenever you need.

Are the currency codes standarized?

Yes, APItude returns ISO 4217 standardized currency codes in all of its operations, including all of the ContentAPI ones.

Can't find the answer you need? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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