We will up-version our APIs when: 

  • we change the format of the response data for one or more calls
  • we change the response type (i.e. changing an integer to a float)
  • we remove any part of the API.

We will NOT up-version for non-breaking changes such as:

  • adding new response fields 
  • adding new endpoints/operations
  • adding new optional paramethers in the requests
  • changing the order of properties in existing API responses.
  • changing the length or format of strings. 

Upcoming changes

We will be releasing ContentAPI v2.0 next year.

Stay tunned to know the incoming changes in advance and be prepared! 


This is the list of changes ContentAPI had so far, 


  • Changed rateCommentDetail operation name to rateCommentDetails.


  • Added the following filters to the hotels operation: allIncluded,  categoryCodes, categoryGroupCodes, photoNumber, imageTypes, languageDescriptions, accommodationTypes, boardCodes, segmentCodes, rooms, roomCapacity, chainCodes, newFrom, S2C, TripAdvisorRanking, merchand/liberate.

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