Installation and configuration

  1. What protocol is used between Cache API Scan Service and Hotelbeds' servers? 
    HTTPS protocol is used for all data communications. 
  2. When is the communication established between Cache API Scan Service software and Hotelbeds' servers?
    Scan Service downloads contract files at periodical intervals, depending on configuration parameters refresh.data.update and force.full.on.startup. Access to Hotelbeds' servers is required, specifically to the following addresses: aif2.hotelbeds.com and aif2.int.hotelbeds.com
  3. How do I get the installer file?
    Please, contact your XML Support Agent to get the installation executable file and license. 
  4. Do I need to install any additional software?
    No additional software needs to be installed besides the Cache API – Scan Service provided. The installer will set up the web service and the application container. 
  5. I have installed the software but when I send a request to the service I get: "System unactive. User not defined"
    You must set the parameter user in the aif2-scan.properties file and restart the service.
  6. I have installed the software but when I send a request to the service I get: "License file not found"
    Please, be sure you have the license.key file stored in the same path as you inform in the property path.license informed in aif2-scan.properties file.
  7. How do I know if the system is started?
    You can check with an Internet browser at http://hostname:port/aif2-scan-ws/monitor
    If you see the message: System State: Available then the system is ready to get request.
  8. It is possible to change the application port?
    Yes, it is. During the installation process you can select the application port.
  9. I have changed a configuration property but it does not work
    Please, restart the service.
  10. It is possible to add more than one processor to the service?
    Yes, it is. You have to set up the configuration property processors in the aif2-scan.properties file.
  11. If I set more than one processor, how will the system work?
    If you set, for example, 4 processors, the service will be able to process 4 requests at the same time. If you sent 5 requests, the last one will be in status QUEUED. This request will be automatically processed as soon as one of the previous 4 is not RUNNING.
  12. I want to change the connection settings in order to use my proxy. Is it possible?
    Yes, it is. You can add your proxy host and proxy port in the configuration parameters proxy.host and proxy.port in the aif2-scan.properties file.
  13. How often is the DataBank information updated?
    The update frequency can be changed in the configuration property refresh.data.update in the aif2-scan.properties file. The time informed is in minutes. 
    If the service is up and active it automatically will download only the updated information from the HotelBeds DataBank.
    The data is also downloaded every time you restart the service.
  14. I have accidentally deleted the path.results folder with previous scan plan output files. It is possible to restore it?
    It is not possible. The service will not remove the folder, it is your own responsibility to clear or not the output files folder.
    You will need to send again the scan plan requests.
  15. I see a folder called aif2-scan/logs. What it is included there?
    Every scan plan process ends with a log file stored in the INSTALLATION DIRECTORY/aif2-scan/logs folder.
    It is an internal log with information about the scan plan process. 
    For example:

    ----- Active Inventory II - Scan Service -----
    Software release             : 0.9.1.beta
    DataBank version             : 607
    ScanValuedAvailRQ sent on    : Thu Aug 04 18:31:27 CEST 2011
    ScanValuedAvailRQ finished on: Thu Aug 04 18:31:28 CEST 2011
    ScanValuedAvailRQ output     : C:\aif2-scan\output\21.out
    Availability Rows generated  : 6407

    <xml-fragment update="false" packaging="BOTH" paymentModel="BOTH" xmlns:mes="http://www.hotelbeds.com/schemas/2005/06/messages">
      <mes:Date from="20110801" duration="5"/>

    You will see the software release, date information, availability output file and number of rows calculated. If there is some error it will be also logged. 
    This file will be very helpful if the service does not respond as expected. Your XML Support Agent will request it.

  16. How can I choose or modify the destinations to be scanned?
    The destinations to be scanned are set up at Hotelbeds' servers. They can be modified or increased dynamically. Please, send the list of destinations to your XML Support Agent. 
  17. I have a problem during installation in my Linux Server. I got /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory
    This problem is related to glibc library. In order to solve it, please execute:  yum install glibc.i686
    After that, you can continue with the installation. 


  1. I sent the XML request but I got HTTP 400: xml_request must be informed
    Please, be sure to send the XML request operation [ScanValuedAvailRQ or ScanDetailRQ] message with HTTP POST method.
    The XML message must be send in a request parameter called xml_request.
  2. I sent the XML request but I got HTTP 405: Request method 'GET' not supported
    Please, be sure to send the XML request operation [ScanValuedAvailRQ or ScanDetailRQ] message with HTTP POST method.
  3. I sent the XML request but I got HTTP 400: Invalid operation
    Please, be sure to send a valid XML request operation [ScanValuedAvailRQ or ScanDetailRQ]. The message sent does not correspond to supported operations.
  4. After starting the service the first request takes a bit more time. Why?
    Once the system is started it automatically downloads all the updated DataBank information in order to be able to manage your scan plans. 
    It is normal that this operation takes some minutes. It also depends on your Internet bandwidth.
  5.   How long are the scan plans results stored in my system?
    The scan plan output files are not removed by our service. It is your own responsibility clear or not the output folder at any time.
  6. I have sent the ScanValuedAvailRQ and the status is READY. And now?
    Then you have the scan plan availability output file stored in the ScanDetailRS/Results/OutputFile element
  7. I have sent the ScanValuedAvailRQ in order to get update but I got an error
    If you get the error code SER-0001 is because your configuration file aif2-scan.properties does not have the property allow.incremental set to true. So your system is not ready to support update requests. 
  8. I have sent the ScanValuedAvailRQ in order to get update but I got an Availability Ouput record without price. What is wrong?
    A record with Net Price field null in the Availability Output File implies that this availability has expired and is no more available. You have to delete it in your system.
  9. I have sent the ScanValuedAvailRQ with Date@duration =500 days and I only got 365 days. What is wrong?
    The Date@duration element may take a maximum of 365 days. In case of setting a value greater than 365 days, the value will be replaced with 365 days.



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