Service description


The purpose of APITUDE – Scan Service is to provide access to information of availabilities over a long period of time and multiples occupancies.

The main difference between this service and our APITUDE Hotel Specification is the system allows multiple availabilities with just a single scan request: a scan plan. You do not need to create your own scan procedures preparing and sending a lot of availability requests.

The system allows you to get the massive price calculation for:

  • Multiple destinations
  • Multiple occupations
  • Multiple booking durations
  • Multiple hotels, rooms and meal plans
  • Long period of time

With all the information provided you are able to:

  • Look up all our updated prices and inventory information at any time
  • Create dynamic packaging content
  • Create accurate offerings
  • Show an instant pre-calculated availability in your website

The APITUDE – Scan Service has not been designed to connect online operations (real time) directly with the service.


The APITUDE – Scan Service has been designed to run in the client side. It consists in a software that you have to install in a PC or server and it will create the instance of the service automatically.

Once the software is installed and running a Web Service is deployed and ready to process scan plan requests. All the details: how to install, configuration and set up and complete specifications for the Web Service requests and responses, are explained in the next chapters of this document.

In the image you can see what is provided by HotelBeds [pink colour region] and where it is located in your systems data center [blue colour region]. 

The service is automatically connected to HotelBeds DataBank via Internet in order to get the entire inventory, rates and prices information, updated with fresh data with a maximum delay of one hour.

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