Availability is the first operation in the booking flow of APItude, it allows to check which available rooms there are for the requested hotels or for the hotels in the requested area for a given range of dates and for a given passengers group.

Ways to request availability

Availability can be requested by any* of the following criteria:

  • Hotel code: Include up to 2,000 hotel codes in the request.
  • GPS coordinates: Search based on geolocation coordinates. You can do it by either using a circular or a rectangular area:
    • Circle: you must specify longitude and latitude as the center of the circle, radius and unit (km or mi) will determine the area size.
    • Rectangle: you must specify longitude and latitude as the top left corner, secondaryLongitude and secondaryLatitude as the bottom right corner of the rectangle.
  • Destination or destination and zone

Please note that the recommended search types are by Hotel code and by GPS coordinates. The search by destination or destination/zone will be activated upon request.

*Only one can be used for each request. For example, if you request by hotel code, you cannot include geolocation or destination.


Availability Request


POST https://api.test.hotelbeds.com/hotel-api/1.0/hotels
TIMEOUT: 60 seconds

Besides the basic search parameters, APItude's Availability offers a wide variety of filters to help narrowing down search results.

Advanced filters

1- Filter by accommodation type

Filters by accommodation type to receive a response of availability for only the hotels of the requested types.

You can get all the accommodation type values through the accommodation types operation of the Content API.

		"accommodations": [


2- Filter by board code

Filter by list of defined board codes. The "included" attribute indicates the limitation or the exclusion of the board type from the response.

You can get all the board type values through the board types operation of the Content API.

		<boards included="true"> 
		"boards": {
			"included": true,
			"board": [


3- Filter by room code

Used to only include or exclude specific room code.

You can get all the room type values through the room types operation of the Content API.

		<rooms included="true">
		"rooms": {
				"included": true,
				"room": ["DBT.ST"]


4- Filter by review rating

Filters the response to receive a response containing information on the review rating selected.

			<review type="HOTELBEDS" maxRate="5" minRate="1" minReviewCount="3"/>
		"reviews": [{
			"type": "HOTELBEDS",
			"maxRate": 5,
			"minRate": 1,
			"minReviewCount": 3


5- Filter by keyword

Filters results by keywords related to features and facilities to receive a response of availability for only the hotels tagged as featuring those features/facilities.

The keyword values are the same as the segment code values returned in the segment types operation of the Content API.

		"keywords": {
			"keyword": [

Possible values (use only the number code)

Code Value
29 Romantic hotels
31 Design
34 Business hotels
36 Golf hotels
37 Beach hotels
38 City
39 Hotels with spa
42 Historical
43 Ski hotels
44 Rural hotels
45 Sport hotels
81 Family hotels
83 Internet
84 Wheelchair-friendly
85 Restaurant
86 Spa
87 Parking
88 TV
89 Gym
90 Air conditioned
92 Heating
100 Hotels with charm
101 Swimming Pool


6- Filter by minimum and/or maximum price

Filter the request by the number of hotels, as well as minimum and maximum price.

		<filter minRate="100.000" maxRate="170.000"/>
		"filter": {
			"minRate": 100.000,
			"maxRate": 1700.000


7- Filter by category

Filters the request using the hotel’s star rating.

		<filter minCategory="3" maxCategory="5"/>
		"filter": {
			"minCategory": 3,
			"maxCategory": 5


8- Limit the number of rooms per hotel

This option limits the number of rooms available per hotel.

		<filter maxRooms="2"/>
		"filter": {


9- Limit the number of rates per room

The option limits the number of rates received per hotel.

		<filter maxRatesPerRoom="3"/>
		"filter": {
			"maxRatesPerRoom": 3	


10- Filter by payment type

Filters by the payment type of the hotel. Possible values are AT_WEB and AT_HOTEL.

		<filter paymentType="AT_WEB"/>
		"filter": {
			"paymentType": "AT_WEB"	


11- Filter by packaging

The filter is used to indicate if you want to receive rates allowed to be included in packages or not.

		<filter packaging="True"/>
		"filter": {
			"packaging": true	


12- Filter by hotel packages

The filter is used to indicate if you want to receive hotel packages rates. Those are rates that include another product (like massage, a ticket, etc.) together with the hotel.

		<filter hotelPackage="yes"/>
		"filter": {
			"hotelPackage": "YES"	


13- Filter by contract

Used to show only results with specific contracts. NOTE: When CacheAPI clients use this filter it's required to also inform the availabilityRQ/@aifUse attribute.

		<filter contract="CG-FIT B2B"/>
		"filter": {
			"contract": "CG-FIT B2B"	


Request parameters

Node/Attribute Type Required Description
availabilityRQ Element Required Top level
availabilityRQ/@dailyRate Boolean Optional Displays daily price breakdown
availabilityRQ/@sourceMarket String Optional Hotelbeds Group client source market
availabilityRQ/@language String Optional Language of the response
availabilityRQ/@aifUse Boolean Optional Tags the request for CacheAPI users (NOTE: MANDATORY for this users when filtering by contract)
availabilityRQ/stay Element Required Booking length of stay element
availabilityRQ/stay/@checkIn String Required Check-in date The format to be used must be YYYY-MM-DD
availabilityRQ/stay/@checkOut String Required Check-out date The format to be used must be YYYY-MM-DD
availabilityRQ/stay/@shiftDays Int Optional Integer from 1 to 5 Amount of days after and before the check-in to check availability, keeping the same stay duration
availabilityRQ/stay/@allowOnlyShift Boolean Optional


TRUE: Return shiftDays even if there is no availability for the searched dates (default)

FALSE: If there is no availability for the searched dates, do not return any shiftDays.

availabilityRQ/occupancies Array of occupancy elements Required In the occupancy node, the following information must be included:the number of rooms, capacity, the number of adults, the number of children and their ages, if applicable.
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy Element Required Occupancy element
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/@rooms Int Required Number of rooms
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/@adults Int Required Number of adults per room
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/@children Int Required Number of children per room
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/occupancy/paxes Element Optional Paxes element (mandatory when children are requested)
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/occupancy/paxes/pax/@type String Optional Pax typeAD=AdultCH=Child
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/occupancy/paxes/pax/@age Int Required Pax age (required for ages of children)
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/occupancy/paxes/pax/@name String Optional Pax name
availabilityRQ/occupancies/occupancy/occupancy/paxes/pax/@surname String Optional Pax surname
availabilityRQ/hotels Array of hotel elements Optional List of hotel elements
availabilityRQ/hotels/hotel Int Optional Internal hotel code (mandatory if the hotels element is used)
availabilityRQ/destination/ Element Optional Destination element
availabilityRQ/destination/@code String Optional Destination code for hotel location (mandatory if the destination element is used)
availabilityRQ/destination/@zone Int Optional Destination zone for hotel location
availabilityRQ/geolocation Element Optional Geolocation element
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@longitude Float Optional Longitude data for geolocation (mandatory if the geolocation element is used)
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@latitude Float Optional Latitude data for geoloation (mandatory if the geolocation element is used)
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@radius Int Optional Radius of the area circle (mandatory if the geolocation element is used) 200 is the allowed limit.
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@unit String Optional

Type of distance unit for the radius geolocation search

  • mi - Miles
  • km - Kilometers
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@secondaryLongitude Float Optional GPS longitude of the bottom right point of the area rectangle
availabilityRQ/geolocation/@secondaryLatitude Float Optional GPS latitude of the bottom right point of the area rectangle
availabilityRQ/rooms Array of room elements Optional List of rooms to be excluded or included in the response
availabilityRQ/rooms/@included Boolean Optional

The attribute indicates if the room list values should be excluded or included in the response (mandatory if the room element is used)

FALSE: the rooms will be excluded from the response

TRUE: the response will return only the rooms listed

availabilityRQ/rooms/room String Internal room code (mandatory if “rooms” element is used)
availabilityRQ/keywords Array of keyword elements Optional Array of keyword elements
availabilityRQ/keywords/@allIncluded Boolean TRUE/FALSE
availabilityRQ/keywords/keyword String Optional Keyword to be searched (mandatory if keywords element is used)
availabilityRQ/accommodations Array of accommodations Array of accommodations
availabilityRQ/accommodations/accommodation String Hotelbeds accommodation internal code/name (mandatory if the accommodations element is used)
availabilityRQ/boards Array of board elements Optional List of boards to be excluded or included in the response
availabilityRQ/boards/@included Boolean Optional

The attribute indicates if the board list values should be excluded or included in the response (mandatory if the boards element is used)

FALSE: the boards will be excluded from the response

TRUE: the response will return only the boards listed

availabilityRQ/boards/board String Internal board code (mandatory if “boards” element is used)
availabilityRQ/reviews/review/@minRate Int Minimun review rating you want the results to have.
availabilityRQ/reviews/review/@maxRate Int Maximum review rating you want the results to have.
availabilityRQ/reviews/review/@minReviewCount Int Minumum number of counts you want the reviews in the response to have.
availabilityRQ/reviews/review/@type String Possible values: "TRIPADVISOR", "HOTELBEDS"
availabilityRQ/filter Element Filter element
availabilityRQ/filter/@minRate float Optional It filters rates which ‘net’ value is lower than minRate
availabilityRQ/filter/@maxRate float Optional It filters rates which ‘net’ value is higher than maxRate
availabilityRQ/filter/@maxRatesPerRoom Int Optional Maximum number of rates per room
availabilityRQ/filter/@maxRooms Int Optional Maximum number of rooms you want to receive for each hotel
availabilityRQ/filter/@packaging Boolean Optional

The attribute is used to include or exclude package rates. Values are:

TRUE: Package rates are included

FALSE: Package rates are excluded(default value)

availabilityRQ/filter/@hotelPackage String Optional

It is used to include or exclude hotel packages. Those are the packages created by us that include another product (like massage, a ticket, etc.) together with the hotel.


YES-To retrieve only hotel packages.

NO-To retrieve only non hotel packages.

BOTH-To receive both hotel packages and not (option by default)

availabilityRQ/filter/@minCategory Int Optional Minimun category to be returned
availabilityRQ/filter/@maxCategory Int Optional Maximum category to be returned
availabilityRQ/filter/@paymentType String Optional


AT_WEB: Merchant model

AT_HOTEL: Pay at hotel model

BOTH: Both (Default value)

availabilityRQ/filter/@contract String Optional Filters the results by the contract requested (NOTE: when using this filter is mandatory to inform availabilityRQ/@aifUse attribute)

Request XML Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<availabilityRQ xmlns="http://www.hotelbeds.com/schemas/messages" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" dailyRate="true">
	<stay checkIn="2016-06-15" checkOut="2016-06-16" />
		<occupancy rooms="1" adults="1" children="1">
				<pax type="CH" age="4"/>
	<boards included="true">
	<rooms included="true">
		<review type="TRIPADVISOR" maxRate="5" minReviewCount="3" />
		maxRooms="2" />

Request JSON Example

	"stay": {
		"checkIn": "2016-08-15",
		"checkOut": "2016-08-20",
		"shiftDays": "2"
	"occupancies": [{
		"rooms": 1,
		"adults": 1,
		"children": 1,
		"paxes": [{
			"type": "CH",
			"age": 2
	"hotels": {
		"hotel": [1,
	"rooms": {
		"included": true,
		"room": ["DBT.ST"]
	"keywords": {
		"keyword": [34,
	"accommodations": ["HOTEL",
	"boards": {
		"included": true,
		"board": ["RO",
	"reviews": [{
		"type": "TRIPADVISOR",
		"maxRate": 5,
		"minReviewCount": 3
	"filter": {
		"minRate": 100,
		"maxRate": 1700,
		"minCategory": 3,
		"maxCategory": 5,
		"paymentType": "AT_HOTEL",
		"maxRatesPerRoom": 3,
		"packaging": true,
		"hotelPackage": "YES",
		"maxRooms": 2
	"dailyRate": true



Apart from filtering, APItude also allows to request rates that are normally not exposed in the Availability results. Be aware that inclusions are not filters and as such all of the regular rates are returned with the normally not included ones.

1- Include resident rates

This option exposes rates only available to residents of the geographical location where the hotel is located, normally at a lower price. For example, Canary Islands residents could book rooms in Canary Islands's hotels at a lower price using resident rates. When using this, resident rates will be identified with a tag at rate level in the response body.

It's important to note that hotels will ask the passengers for an ID to prove residency at checkIn, otherwise hoteliers won't apply the rate and will have to reprice the stay.

		"inclusions": ["RESIDENT_RATES"]


Availability Response

The hotel availability response contains all information necessary to confirm the booking or to recheck availability for a particular hotel.

It is distributed in hotel nodes which contain the information about the hotel and the different rates with their room types and board types.

Promotions & offers

Some rates have a promotion or offer applied and included in the availability response, which can be marked as a special offer.

Non-refundable rates (NRF)

Pay special attention to non-refundable rates, marked with the rateClass attribute value NRF. Non-refundable prices already include supplements and discounts.

Review rating

In order to receive review rating for the hotels at response level please contact with our support team at apitude@hotelbeds.com. Be aware that you can filter by review rating even if you are not receiving it on the responses.

Reducing the weight of XML or JSON feed

If you are interested in reducing the weight of the XML or JSON response, the availability response is customizable in different profiles. Using this options, several nodes (and the description nodes as well) can be removed from the response.


Response parameters

Node/Atribute Type Description
availabilityRS Element Top Element
availabilityRS/auditData Element Relevant internal information
availabilityRS/auditData/@processTime Float Server process time in milliseconds
availabilityRS/auditData/@timestamp Date Date/time when the request has been processed (always in Spanish time)
availabilityRS/auditData/@requestHost String IP address of the system host
availabilityRS/auditData/@serverId String Server code or ID (for internal use)
availabilityRS/auditData/@environment String Environment where the request has been sent and processed
availabilityRS/auditData/@release String Release version identifier
availabilityRS/auditData/@token String Token identifier of the operation
availabilityRS/auditData/@internal String Internal identifier of the parameters of the operation
availabilityRS/hotels Array of hotel elements List of available hotels
availabilityRS/hotels/@total Int Number of hotels returned
availabilityRS/hotels/@checkIn Date

Check-in date

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

availabilityRS/hotels/@checkOut Date

Check-out date

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

availabilityRS/hotels/hotel Element Element that contains information about the hotel and associated rates
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/keywords Array of keyword elements List of keyword elements
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/keywords/keyword Element Element that contains information about the keyword
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/keywords/keyword/@code Int Keyword code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/keywords/keyword/@rating Int Keyword rating
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@name String Hotel name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@code Int Hotelbeds internal hotel code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@categoryCode String Hotel category code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@categoryName String Category name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@destinationCode String Destination code for hotel location
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@destinationName String Destination name for hotel location
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@zoneName String Zone name for hotel location
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@zoneCode Int Zone code for hotel location
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@latitude Float Latitude data for geolocation
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@longitude Float Longitude data for geolocation
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@currency String Client currency
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@maxRate Float Maximum hotel room price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/@minRate Float Minimum hotel room price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotels/creditCards Array of credit cards List of credit cards accepted by the hotel in case of Liberate (pay at hotel) model
availabilityRS/hotels/hotels/creditCards/creditCard Element Element that contains information about the credit card
availabilityRS/hotels/hotels/creditCards/creditCard/@code Int Credit card code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotels/creditCards/creditCard/@name String Credit card name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotels/creditCards/creditCard/@paymentType String

Type of payment



availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/reviews Array of review elements List of hotel reviews for that particular hotel
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/reviews/review Review element Review values for that particular hotel
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/reviews/review/@rate Integer Rating value
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/reviews/review/@reviewCount Integer Total number of ratings for that particular hotel
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/reviews/review/@type String Provider of the review. Posible values: "TRIPADVISOR", "HOTELBEDS"
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms Array of room elements List of rooms available for a particular hotel
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/ Element Element that contains information about the room and associated rates
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/@code String Internal room code (do not confuse with roomId)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/@name String Name of the room
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates Array of rates List of rates
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate Element Rate element
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@rateCommentsId String Comments associated to this rate (more information here)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@rateKey String Internal rate key to be used for confirmation
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@rateClass String

Values :

NOR: Normal rate.

NRF: Rate has restrictive cancellation fees, 100% stay from the moment of booking.

PAQ: Packaged rate, extra service sold together with the accommodation (i.e. ski, excursions, tickets,…). 

DIS: Packaged rate for Disney hotels, extra service (ticket entry) sold together with the accommodation. 

CAN: Special Offers for Local Canarian Islands residents. Proof of residency is requested at the check-in.

SEN: Special Offers for Senior travellers. Proof of age is required at the check-in.

HNO: Special Offers for Honeymooners. Certificate of marriage is requested at the check-in. 

JUN: Special Offers for Junior travellers. Proof of age is required at the check-in.

BAL: Special Offers for local Balearic Islands residents. Proof of residency is requested at the check-in.

ROU: Special contracts where the client can be allocated to any of the resorts of the category and area chosen. Property name is confirmed few days before arrival.

availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@rateType String Whether the booking can be confirmed in two steps (BOOKABLE) or three steps (RECHECK)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@paymentType String Identifies if it is pay at hotel or merchant model
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@packaging String Identifies if the rate is for packaging
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@boardCode String Internal board code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@boardName String Board name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@net Float Room net price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@discount Float Profit margin that the agency would take if it sells at that recommended price.
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@discountPCT Float Percentual share of the price corresponding to the profit margin the agency would take if it sells at that recommended price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@sellingRate Float Room gross price in case it is included
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@commission Float Profit margin the agency takes (commissionable model)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@commissionVAT Float Share of the commission corresponding to the Value Added Tax
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@commissionPCT Float Percentual share of the price corresponding to commision
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@hotelSellingRate Float Room gross price in hotelCurrency(for the pay at hotel model)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@hotelCurrency String Hotel currency(for the pay at hotel model)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@hotelMandatory Boolean Identifies if the rate price is recommended
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@allotment Int Number of rooms available for a particular room type
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@rooms Int Number of rooms requested with the same occupancy
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@adults Int Number of adults for the room
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@children Int Number of children requested
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@childrenAges String Children ages separated by commas
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/@resident Boolean Indicates if the rate is only for residents (only appears when resident rates are requested)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts Array of shift elements List of rates for the flexible dates with availability
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate Element Element that contains information about flexible dates with availability and rates
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@rateKey String Internal rate key to be used for confirmation
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@rateClass String


NOR : Normal

NRF : non-refundable

SPE : Special

OFE : Offer

PAQ : Package

availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@rateType String If its value is BOOKABLE you can book straight away. If it is RECHECK you must double check first using ‘CheckRate’ method.
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@net Float Room net price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@sellingRate Float Room selling price in case it is included
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@hotelMandatory Boolean Identifies if the rate price is recommended
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@allotment Int Number of rooms available for a particular room type
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@checkIn Date

Check-in date

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@checkOut Date

Check-out date

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/shifts/shiftRate/@resident Boolean Indicates if the rate is only for residents (only appears when resident rates are requested)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/cancellationPolicies Array of policies elements List of cancellation policies
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy Element Cancellation policy element
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy/@amount Float Amount that will be charged after '@from' date
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy/@from String Date from which the amount will be charged in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/cancellationPolicies/cancellationPolicy/@hotelAmount Float Amount that will be charged after '@from' date, provided in hotel currency (for the pay at hotel model)
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/dailyRates/dailyRate/@offset Int Day number of the searched period
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/dailyRates/dailyRate/@dailySellingRate Float Daily selling price for the room
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/dailyRates/dailyRate/@dailyNet Float Daily net price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/offers Array of offer elements List of offers
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/offers/offer Element Element that contains offer information
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/offers/offer/@code Int Offer code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/offers/offer/@amount Float Offer amount
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/offers/offer/@name String Offer name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/promotions Array of promotion elements List of promotions for a particular rate
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/promotions/promotion Element Element that contains promotion information
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/promotions/promotion/@code Int Promotion code
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/promotions/promotion/@name String Promotion name
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/promotions/promotion/@remark String Promotion remark
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes Array of tax elements List of prices with taxes included or excluded
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax Element Element that contains the information about the tax
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@included Boolean Indicates if the tax is included in the price or not
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@percent Float Value of the tax as a percentage
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@amount Float Value of the tax in hotel currency if the tax is not included in the price
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@currency String Currency of the tax amount
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@type String

Type of the tax:

  • TAX
  • FEE
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@clientAmount Float Net amount of the tax in the client configured currency, returned in case the currency of the hotel is different from the client currency
availabilityRS/hotels/hotel/rooms/room/rates/rate/taxes/tax/@clientCurrency String Client configured currency in case the currency of the hotel is different from the client currency

Response XML Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<availabilityRS xmlns="http://www.hotelbeds.com/schemas/messages" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" schemaLocation="http://www.hotelbeds.com/schemas/messages">
	<auditData processTime="35" timestamp="2017-11-21 16:57:45.058" requestHost="" serverId="sa37AUX3ROLBLIS.env#PL" environment="[int]" release="17dcfb556b8a07905c8c6ee6978c84bec23a0df6" token="2f822d95-5adc-4de5-983b-d8da29d91688" internal="0|1C494FE7E2144EAC9702B0042CCB24641657|AE|05|1|2||||||||||||1||1~1~1~0||0||0|yndhxjpbkr9xpne3kzyavwh5|||"/>
	<hotels checkIn="2018-09-19" total="1" checkOut="2018-09-21">
		<hotel code="6914" name="BelleVue Vistanova" categoryCode="3EST" categoryName="3 STARS" destinationCode="PMI" destinationName="Majorca" zoneCode="29" zoneName="Palmanova" latitude="39.511228" longitude="2.540229" minRate="105.14" maxRate="112.52" currency="USD">
				<room code="DUS.ST" name="DOUBLE SINGLE USE STANDARD">
						<rate rateKey="20180919|20180921|W|1|6914|DUS.ST|OP-TODOS|BB||1~1~0||N@1C494FE7E2144EAC9702B0042CCB24641657" rateClass="NOR" rateType="BOOKABLE" net="105.14" allotment="99" paymentType="AT_WEB" packaging="false" boardCode="BB" boardName="BED AND BREAKFAST" rooms="1" adults="1" children="0">
								<cancellationPolicy amount="52.57" from="2018-09-16T23:59:00+02:00"/>
								<offer code="9002" name="Early Booking discount" amount="-19.86"/>
						<rate rateKey="20180919|20180921|W|1|6914|DUS.ST|OP-TODOS|HB||1~1~0||N@1C494FE7E2144EAC9702B0042CCB24641657" rateClass="NOR" rateType="BOOKABLE" net="112.52" allotment="99" paymentType="AT_WEB" packaging="false" boardCode="HB" boardName="HALF BOARD" rooms="1" adults="1" children="0">
								<cancellationPolicy amount="56.26" from="2018-09-16T23:59:00+02:00"/>
								<offer code="9002" name="Early Booking discount" amount="-19.86"/>

Response JSON Example

	"auditData": {
		"processTime": "37",
		"timestamp": "2017-11-21 16:52:00.502",
		"requestHost": "",
		"serverId": "sa37AUX3ROLBLIS.env#PL",
		"environment": "[int]",
		"release": "17dcfb556b8a07905c8c6ee6978c84bec23a0df6",
		"token": "a97edeb2-4ff1-4ddc-88a7-591499159e5d",
		"internal": "0|E466926A76FB4B1EB2C6BE3CC50A44011652|AE|05|1|20||||||||||||16||1~1~1~0||0||0|yndhxjpbkr9xpne3kzyavwh5|||"
	"hotels": {
		"hotels": [{
			"code": 2643,
			"name": "Club Marthas",
			"categoryCode": "4EST",
			"categoryName": "4 STARS",
			"destinationCode": "PMI",
			"destinationName": "Majorca",
			"zoneCode": 90,
			"zoneName": "Cala d'Or",
			"latitude": "39.364207",
			"longitude": "3.226974",
			"rooms": [{
				"code": "STU.C1",
				"name": "STUDIO CAPACITY 1",
				"rates": [{
					"rateKey": "20180608|20180610|W|1|2643|STU.C1|OP-VARIOS|SC||1~1~0||N@E466926A76FB4B1EB2C6BE3CC50A44011652",
					"rateClass": "NOR",
					"rateType": "BOOKABLE",
					"net": "113.12",
					"allotment": 10,
					"rateCommentsId": "1|100926|3",
					"paymentType": "AT_WEB",
					"packaging": false,
					"boardCode": "SC",
					"boardName": "SELF CATERING",
					"cancellationPolicies": [{
						"amount": "56.56",
						"from": "2018-06-07T23:59:00+02:00"
					"rooms": 1,
					"adults": 1,
					"children": 0,
					"offers": [{
						"code": "9002",
						"name": "Early Booking discount",
						"amount": "-19.96"
			"minRate": "113.12",
			"maxRate": "318.86",
			"currency": "USD"
		"checkIn": "2018-06-08",
		"total": 1,
		"checkOut": "2018-06-10"

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