BookingAPI is designed to book hotels in real time as fast as in two steps.


It covers the complete booking process; it allows generating lists of hotels, confirming bookings, getting lists of bookings, making cancellations and obtaining booking information.

BookingAPI works in combination with ContentAPI to obtain content information from the hotels, such as pictures, description, facilities, services, etc. Please refer to the ContentAPI documentation and IO/DOCS for related information.

BookingAPI methods

BookingAPI uses four different methods to manage booking functions: hotels, checkrates, status, and bookings.

BookingAPI has been designed for a two steps confirmation, but due the the complexity of client and providers systems a third method has been designed. See figure:


This method is used to request room availability. Some filters and special features can be applied before sending an availability request.

A flexible date search allows customers to retrieve available rates for a specified number of days prior to and post check-in.

The response generated is a list of hotels with the different room types, board types, and rates available for those hotels; but not only restricted to the dates selected.

BookingAPI prices are final. Our rates include supplements and discounts and no additional price calculations are required.

It can also return cancellation fees in the availability response, providing amounts and dates at the first step of the booking.


Most of our hotels are bookable in two steps; however, there are some of them that require obtaining up-to-date availability and prices.

These hotels have the value “recheck” in attribute rateType; and the checkrates method returns up-to-date availability and prices.

This method also returns upselling options and rates (when available). A tag displays the difference of the requested rate versus the upselling rates provided.


This method can be used for four different purposes:

  1. Confirm a booking
  2. Get a list of bookings
  3. Get the details of a particular booking
  4. Modify a booking
  5. Cancel a booking or simulate a cancelation to get the details of cancellation conditions


This method provides the current status of the API.

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