Retrieve Pickups Request

As mentioned in the general information there is a fundamental difference between a ticket and an excursion. One of the main differences is the fact that the excursion include a transfer that will pick the final customer up before the activity starts, and return him/her when it is over. End customers are picked up from a Pickup point. 

Considering this the operation retrievePickups will provide you with all the possibilities to choose from when selecting the pickup points. 

The booking funnel for tickets explains that a rateKey, session, language and date must be provided to confirm a booking. A rateKey can be retrieved from the detail api call response if the activity is a ticket. 

When the product to be confirmed is an excursion, the detail api call won’t provide a rateKey, but a retrievePickupsKey to be used in the RetrievePickups api call being explained in this section. 

Then, the retrieve pickups api call will return a rateKey with the associated pickup point, so a call to confirm can be performed and a rateKey with all the necessary information provided. 


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Method: POST 


The retrieve pickups api call request is based on a retrievePickupsKey. The following is a request example:

  "pickupRetrievalKey": "2sfadg4qw3452w145",
  "from": "2016-03-01",


The following is the request specification: 




Key returned in the detail api call when the activity.type is an EXCURSION. Apitude for activities has temporary stored an activity, modality, rate, session, language, and date.


Date from which to perform the query


Date to which to perform the query


Session codes can be provided in the detail response. In the event that a set of sessions (i.e. "MORNING", "EVENING"...) is provided, the selected session is passed in the retrievePickups operation.

The session code can't be sent if at least a session was not returned in the detail response for the rate you are asking for pickups..


Language codes in which the activity can be enjoyed can be provided in the detail response. In the event that a set of language codes (i.e. "en", "es"...) is provided, the selected language is passed in the retrievePickups operation.

The language code can't be sent if at least a language was not returned in the detail response for the rate you are asking for pickups.



A hotel code can be added as an attribute so that all relevant pick up information is provided as part of the hotel given. In this case the hotel will be the pickup. The possible values to be included are:

  • tti
  • giata
  • hotel

An example is detailed below.


An example of a request containing the Hotel code is detailed below:

  "pickupRetrievalKey": "l28k77g6q90mce6hml5do4gvrr",
  "from": "2016-05-02",
  "to": "2016-05-02",
  "hotelCode" : {
      "hotel": 183273

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