Search Criteria or Filters

The search of activities can be done using different input parameters or filters. The search alternatives are by:


Are the locations in which the product is being looked for. For example, Barcelona, or Hong Kong

Factsheet code or ID

A particular factsheet code or ID that is already known by the client can be used to filter the product. This will allow the system to only return the services that are linked to the factsheet id.


A search for a particular service or product given a destination. This search will return the product that you are looking for in a particular destination. A group of services is also possible to be filtered.


A particular hotel, Hotelbeds Code, is given then it will search for all excursions linked to that hotel and all tickets available in the destination.

Hotel Standard code

As well as the previous one but considering a standard code GIATA hotel code and TTI hotel code. The filter applies the same as the Hotel filter.

A group of hotels can also be filtered


A group of segments that you would like to be returned in the results of the products (i.e. Family)


Indicating the price from and price to or range of prices that are needed to be filtered.

Keywords and destination code

Indicating a keyword if and only if the destination code is input. The results will have product that have the relevant keywords

GPS coordinates

Indicating a GPS coordinates it will return all the tickets in the destination where the GPS is and the excursions for the closest pickup point linked to the GPS coordinates given.

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