Cancel Request

The cancel api allows to cancel a particular booking previously confirmed. When cancelling an activity, this could have cancellation fees that apply. If not sure whether the cancellation fees apply, we strongly advise you to do a “simulation” of the cancellation process before the real cancellation to ensure that cancellation policies are retrieved and shown to the client before the booking is cancelled.

The following is an example to both live and test environments:

Live URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}?cancellationFlag={{SIMULATION or CANCELLATION}}

Test URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}?cancellationFlag={{SIMULATION or CANCELLATION}}


Examples of the language and booking code could be:

  • es: Language code.
  • 102-123456798: booking reference to be cancelled

In regards to the cancellationFlag we strongly recommend confirming the cancellation in 2 steps:

  • First, a call with cancellationFlag=SIMULATION. Cancellation costs will be detailed in the response. In the event that the cancellation fees are accepted, then
  • second, a call with cancellationFlag=CANCELLATION can be performed to effectively cancel the booking.

Review all information on Cancel response api call here.

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