Calendar Request

The calendar API request returns the content for all the activities requested, depending on the filters being used, in the response you’ll also see the operational dates, so you can create your calendar according to the information being returned. 



Live URL: 

Test URL: 

The request is the same as search but it is mandatory to include the pax filter:

The response has the same structure as the details one, but instead of being one result you’ll be given a list of results. It is needed to perform a details call in order to confirm, as this call will not return a rate key.

The method you need to use: POST



                "filters": [{

"searchFilterItems": [{

"type": "destination",

"value": "BCN"


                "from": "2018-05-11",

                "to": "2018-06-22",

                "paxes": [{"age": 30

}],           "language": "en",

                "pagination": {

"itemsPerPage": 100,                   "page": 1},

                "order": "DEFAULT"


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