Remove Service

The remove api call assumes that a booking has been retrieved and the activity you are trying to remove is present in the booking and has the id mentioned at the start of this document. 

IMPORTANT: If the booking contains a single activity, please, cancel the booking (see Cancel API call) instead of removing the activity from the booking. Ask in case of doubt. 


Live URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}

Test URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}

Method: DELETE 

The booking number is passed as a parameter in the URL (see specification above) and the POST body contains an object with the new activity to be added. 

The following is a removal request example:


    "clientReference": "Exp 213452/2016",
        "activityId": "102#O#1"

The serviceToRemove contains the id of the service to be removed.  The response for the operation is detailed in the booking Detail API call.

The URL contains the language in which the response will be returned (see Booking Detail response) for a better understanding on what you are going to receive as a response of a Remove Service API call.

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