Modify Service

The Modify API call assumes that a booking has been retrieved with a successful Booking Detail API call, and a new rateKey is available from a successful Details API call.

The reason for that is the same as for the Add Service API call.

Please, consider that when you modify an activity, the new parameters you require (such as number of adults/children, dates, languages, etc) may not be available.

To prevent errors in the modification, and to be sure that the new parameters are met, you must first do a Details API call using the same activity code that you want to modify, to retrieve a rateKey with the options that are actually available.

Then, you can modify the existing activity in the booking with the new parameters that are returned in the Details API call, as you will know for certain that the new parameters are available.


Live URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}

Test URL:{{lang}}/{{reference}}

Method: POST

The booking number is passed as a parameter in the URL (see specification above) and the POST body contains an object with the new activity to be added.

The following is a modification request example:


  "clientReference": "Exp 123423/2016",
     "activityId": "102#O#2",
     "rateKey": "lr3scbiendcgv4bv1r3t9orvng",
     "from": "2016-07-07",
     "to": "2016-07-07",
     "paxes": [
            "age": 30,
            "name": "Paul",
            "surname": "Smith"
            "age": 30

The serviceToModify node contains the details of the service to be modified and the activityId retrieved from the Booking Detail response. APITUDE for Activities will compare the serviceToModify information with the existing confirmed activity information and will modify the necessary fields.

See the Confirm API call to understand all the fields that can be included in the “serviceToAdd” under the “Activity” path.

The URL contains the language in which the response will be returned (see booking detail response [LINK]) and the existing booking reference to add the new activity to.

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