General Overview - APITUDE Lifecycle

The process of enrolment until the moment the APITUDE for Activities is live is simple and straight forward. We love simple and for that we proposed a 3 step approach.


The first step in the process is to understand our BookingAPI and ContentAPI for Activites (don’t worry is simple) and register to be able to start playing with it. See the documentation here. It will guide you through the different calls that are available and also provide you with a set of examples proposed for different booking funnels. Hey! If you need more help we are here to help!

Examples of the best way to implement APITUDE for activities are shared along with the documentation.


Now that you have read the documentation you are ready to start the development. This could last as long as you need however, our intention is to help you as much as possible to ensure you can complete the integration as soon as possible and with the required quality. All so your clients can start buying their dream activities or holidays.

When you have completed the development you will need to get in contact with us. We will then upgrade your account and you will be ready for certification.


The certification process and all the details of what it is required is detailed here. Nevertheless the process, if all checks are completed successfully can be done in 3 hours. After this, and if all is ok you will be ready to sell and you will be given a new API Key and URL for the live environment, change those and you will be ready to sell!

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