Service Overview

The purpose of CacheAPI – Files Service is to provide access to HotelBeds information of product, prices and inventory. 
The system allows you to get the HotelBeds Databank information and you are able to:

  • Look up all our updated prices and inventory information at any time
  • Create dynamic packaging content
  • Create accurate offerings
  • Show an instant pre-calculated availability in your website
  • Supply your inventory cache

Service overview

The CacheAPI – Files Service exports all the information in a single comma separated files, with the structure defined in at File Specification chapter. 

You can access to this .zip file with HTTP GET requests to a defined REST resources. This way you are able to request whenever you want. 

The CacheAPI – Files service is updated hourly, generating the new files or updating the files according to Hotelbeds data bank updates. 

Users can send HTTP Get requests at any time; however, new files will be delivered once generated by the system. 

Configuration parameters:

  • Credentials/Api-Key and valid IP
  • External chains Available
  • Destination List
  • Hotels Included and Excluded
  • Classification Codes

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