Hotel BookingAPI

Manage the complete booking process

What makes HotelBookingAPI unique?

HotelBookingAPI is powerful and fully customizable. You can receive availabilty for up to 2,000 hotels in a single request or get only a very specific set of data using advanced filtering and customized responses. It always adapts 100% to your needs.

Fastest Connection

We've invested a lot in our technology and partnered with industry leaders to offer you the most reliable and fastest integration platform.

Easy to Integrate

APItude is 100% RESTfull. It uses standard REST methods, getting rid of all the hassle involved in calling a SOAP web service.
It can be adapted to your current booking process or even help you to reduce it to just two steps.


The Software Development Kit, as an additional and optional feature, can make your integration even simpler. You can even integrate it using your own coding language.

Mobile Friendly

JSON & XML, RESTful, geolocation based searches, lighter responses and a completely reviewed architecture make APItude 100% mobile ready!